What Is Sports Fans Union?

Sports Fans Union is an organization that is truly groundbreaking in the sense of giving ALL sports fans a relevant voice.  The purpose and goal of the Sports Fans Union is to unify all of our voices into a collective unit, with the intent of making a relevant impact concerning issues we fans are passionate about.  Along with providing current and breaking news in the sporting world, we regularly poll our union members on issues that arise involving more than fifteen (15) leagues and associations.

We intend to use our strength in numbers to change the games in a way that is truly revolutionary and as a result will bring a deeper level of enjoyment to the fans experience.  Topics that the fans hold dear to our hearts, as well as issues that arise on a daily basis will be discussed and voted on regularly.  More than a “glorified blog site”, your/our opinions will actually be heard directly and considered by the sporting leagues/associations. We see that in all sports today that the owners, athletes, and officials/referees have their own unions to represent their concerns, with the fans being left without that same type of representation and we are here to provide what is needed for the fans. 

The most popular polling topics will then come to a vote and when a certain percentage is reached, only those particular issues that the fans are most passionate about will then be presented to the commissioner(s) of the appropriate league(s)/association(s). There is strength in numbers and since the fans provide the revenue for the owners, athletes, (leagues/association/shield) to live a particular lifestyle, we feel we should have a greater impact on the games; more than the lending of our voices for cheers, boos, purchasing merchandise and tickets.

Our unity and strength in numbers will bring the fans a sense of pride, loyalty, passion, fulfillment, and empowerment, and remind the entire sporting world that without the fan viewership, attendance, and consumerism, there would be no star athletes or elite organizations.  Come on and join the movement that will revolutionize the sporting world forever!