Why Is Sports Fans Union For You?

Sports Fans Union is for you. There has never before been a way for the major sporting leagues/associations to hear the particular topics that you, the fans desire to be addressed.  Sure you can blog and vent your opinions on many sites, but now we provide the forum to have your opinions condensed and unified into a collective voice.  Topics that fans are passionate about will no longer be mere arguments at the workplace watercooler or at the sports bar. 

Your passion will help to fuel the discussion. Our constructive ideas will be taken into consideration and taken seriously. The Sports Fans Union will have the opportunity to express our views to the appropriate sporting leagues/associations.

We, the fans are the driving force behind the major sporting leagues/associations.  Now we will have a means to influence the sports we love with a voice that matters.  This is absolutely the first website of its kind.  It gives you – the fan – a voice that can impact all sporting leagues/associations.

We are fan-driven and fan-friendly.  We are revolutionary.  We the fans are number one (#1).  Join the Sports Fans Union movement and we the fans can have a stronger voice in impacting the entire sporting world.